2022 Visit the Villages Tractor Trek

Welcome to Visit the Villages Tractor Trek 2022! We are excited to be able to ride together again! 

This year's event is scheduled for Saturday July 9th and it will be our 15th year! To celebrate, we are changing the start and end location to the Emmanuel Mennonite Church, 750 15th St. in Winkler. 

We will still have the same check-in process and everyone will be able to enjoy a hearty breakfast! If you will be bringing your tractor on a trailer, there will be an area for you to unload.

From the church, our route will be taking us through the villages of Schanzenfeld, Hochfeld, Blumenfeld, Osterwick and Chortitz. We will be stopping for lunch at the Bethel Mennonite Church in Hochfeld and later on, have our Pepsi and Ravel at the Valley Mennonite Academy in Chortitz. Once we are back in Winkler, supper will be served at the church followed by the awards presentation.

For more information, please call the office at 204-325-5355, extension 2214, and we will be happy to assist you!






Our Top Teams

Our Top Participants

  1. $500 Milestone Personal Gift George Klassen - $900.00
  2. Personal Gift Wil Epp - $200.00
  3. Personal Gift James Friesen - $150.00
  4. Personal Gift Armand Beauchemin - $150.00
  5. Personal Gift Henry Unrau - $150.00
  6. Personal Gift Randy Warkentine - $150.00
  7. Personal Gift Theresa Penner - $150.00
  8. Personal Gift Roland Wiebe - $150.00
  9. Personal Gift Jacob Elias - $150.00
  10. Personal Gift Dennis Klassen - $150.00

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