Head for the Hills is turning 18 this year! It’s a big deal as far as we’re concerned and we’re happy to be part of something that impacts everyone. Even though mental illness effects about one in every five people directly, everyone else is affected as well, and especially friends and family who care.

Head for the Hills is a cycling event that offers two different routes for participants; one is a ‘gravel grind’ route on gravel roads of course, and the other route is along a section of the Trans Canada trail in the Pembina Hills. You can click here for the full details if you’re interested.

The reason for the event is still the same as it was when it first began in that you’re supporting the work of Eden in bringing hope, healing and community to people on a mental health journey. You’re helping to bring that to reality by supporting those who cannot afford the full fee of professional counselling at Recovery of Hope. You’re helping the refurbishment of our affordable housing properties. You’re making it possible for the mental health centre to have a volunteer coordinator who organizes all the different groups and individuals who come to serve. You’re making it possible for those who are part of the Community Choices program to take part in exercise programs and outings.

Here’s the link to the home page of our website https://www.edenhealthcare.ca where you can dig down as deep as you like to find out more about what you’re doing on our behalf.